Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Run

To the University Library, and back.
Time: 45 min.
distance: 8.2 km
average speed: 10.7 km/hr

A little better speed this time. I attribute it to the fact that, unlike last run, I DIDN'T get lost and go 3 k out of my way.

The most annoying part came at the library itself, though. To break up the run, I thought, hey, it's a ten storey library. The stairs would be a good bit of exercise. Sadly, it appears that many have thought the same. And one enterprising group thought it would be a great idea to put up little motivational posters on every damn landing--about 20 in all. "Almost there!" "Feel the burn!" "If she can do it, so can you!" (accompanied by a photo of a baby crawling up steps). Call me a bitter, cynical, maladjusted maladroit if you must, but I've always found this sort of thing really annoying. Being cheered on by friends and people who know you is one thing, but anonymous cheerleading just distracts me from the object at hand (ie. propelling myself upwards without collapsing into a heap). The medium is counterproductive; some of these posters were rather detailed, and to take it all in, you had to stop and actively read them. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the intention. Additionally, they didn't have twenty different posters, so I saw the same enlarged "motivational" photo of a pumped up calf muscle about five times. I'm proud of my calves too, but that's taking it a bit too far.
I realize the intentions are (probably) good. And that I'm grousing. Just don't bug me when I'm exercising, 'kay?

Later Days.


Bill Strang said...

dude, i totally linked you on my blog.

Person of Consequence said...

It's all about the linkages, man. Cross linkage, auxiliary linkage... other kinds....yeah.

In the name of my semi-anonymity though, could you take off my name? It would be most appreciated.

Ryan said...

You're an exercising machine.