Thursday, January 13, 2011

Short And/Or Sweet

I know I said I'd do a long post today, but that was before I accidentally overslept three hours. (Remember how I said yesterday that I was trying to get up earlier? Guess how that's working out. Go on. Guess.) So in lieu of what was promised, here's something fast and easy.

For six--SIX!--straight days now, someone has recalled one of my library books on each days. If the books were all on the same subject, I'd have assumed someone or some class was doing a research project, but there's a huge variety: a book on variantology, a graphic novel, two books on video games, a DeLeuze book, and a first year textbook on rhetoric. So either someone's got a hold of my book list and I'm being subjected to an elaborate practical joke, or I'm victim of a bizarre, unlikely coincidence. ...All right, I do have 71 books out at the moment, which is... um... excessive. But still, it seems somewhat unlikely to have so many books recalled to a library that has thousands of the things lying around.
I have angered the library gods. And for that, a price must be paid.

Later Days.

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