Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Triumphant/Shameful Return

Alright, it's true that my hiatus has stretched out a bit longer than I originally intended. A week longer, in fact. And I am okay with that. Sure, it meant letting some events slide. Books that will never be reviewed. Events never recorded for posterity. Witticisms gone unchortled. And I was okay with all of that. But when I realized I was letting down my loyal readers--no, sorry, didn't really care about that either. Sorry, gang, but you're going to have to display more presence than a record of IP addresses to tug at the heartstrings of this jaded guitar. No, what got me to return was the realization I had missed a Friday Quotation. I have broken my great tradition, violated a convenent between blogger and blog. And for that, you all have my sincere apologies.
Oh, and it was going to be such a good one too. See, I had tracked down a rare, almost nonexistant copy of--ah, but the moment's passed. Next week? Perhaps. But for now... I'm back, blogging and open for business.

Later Days.

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