Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How My Day's Going

I am listening to Underworld23's list of the top 100 RPG Town Themes while alternating between reading an article about a journalist who attempted to dress up as a wizard and offer quests to random London passerbys and reading Bernard Stiegler's Technics and Time, vol 1.

I am overjoyed to be in a world where I can think, "you know what? I bet RPG town themes would be a nice background noise for long readings" and be able to find a compilation of a hundred of the things on youtube in seconds.

I am thrilled to be in a world where someone has decided to dress up as a wizard and give people quests because, well, hell, why shouldn't life be more like a video game?

I am okay to be in a world where someone wrote Technics and Time. That is, I have no reason to specifically wish to be in a world where it wasn't written.

*EDIT* Okay, Stiegler's won me over, as does anyone who mocks Rousseau. In discussing the role of the prosthesis in Rousseau's account of the origin of Man:
"“These artifices and prostheses are, if not unnecessary, hardly so. Almost accidental and inessential, if not completely useless. Adverbs of this sort can never be totally eliminated, not even in fiction, which suggests that the fall might very well have always already begun" (118). Yes, Rousseau does indeed use a lot of qualifiers in his creation of the savage man. But the pay-off comes at end of the chapter: "Rousseau will not, therefore, have been mistaken; he will have been right, almost" (133). Well played, sir.

Later Days.

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