Friday, February 18, 2011

A Statement of Intent: Vampire Edition

First, an apology to anyone who is reading this and was there till the end of the English party last night. If you were there, you know why you're getting an apology.

To the matter at hand, we are quickly approaching another government-mandated holiday. And as you may remember, on a previous such occasion, I celebrated by doing a reading marathon. I have decided to do another such event this weekend, and rather than do the "pile of books" as last time, I have chosen a single tome: the first volume of Stephanie Myers' Twilight.

Oh yes.

So, starting at 7:00 pm tonight, tune in regularly for updates on what will, no doubt, be a new level of epic epicness. (Sadly, there will be no drinking this time around. Reason: see apology.)

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