Friday, February 4, 2011

Readers? What readers?

Ages ago, I stumbled onto a very, very long game article detailing someone's experiences playing a real-time strategy sci-fi game. It's perhaps the best encounter I've ever come across of someone transforming the act of playing a game into a compelling narrative--one that, by many accounts, is more compelling than the game itself. Sadly, I didn't think I'd ever be returning to the account at the time, so I failed to take note of either the game, the writer, or the site it was posted on. But through more serendipitous link lurking, I've rediscovered the lost diary. And so I never lose it again, I'm going to post the link and the follow-up report here on my blog:
The game is Galactic Civilization 2, the site is PC Gamer Blog, and the writer is Tom Francis. And secondary thanks to the archives at the PC gaming site Rock, Paper Shotgun for reminding me of the article's existence.

You can click on the links if you want, I guess. But honestly, they're here for my benefit, not yours.

Later Days.

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