Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Quotations: For A Limited Time Only

"Task 1: Write a haiku that justifies your area of study. Multiple entries are permitted. Points will be awarded based on immeasurable elegance of the juxtaposed syllables and the use of alliteration." -- Remember that project I was talking about a few days ago? Well, that's been cancelled. If you're in the neighborhood, buy me a drink, and I'll tell you about it. Or I'll buy you a drink, as payment for being my captive audience. Or we'll both buy drinks, and I'll shriek loudly. The drink part is the important thing here. For the moment, my portion of the project is still up and running. If anyone's interested, check out I can't take any credit for the design, but I am responsible for most of the text content. One of the few amusing things about the situation is that since I wrote my two papers for this week well in advance, because of how busy I thought I'd be, I actually have more time for proofreading and editing than I virtually ever have had for papers. So I went from complaining about how busy I was to being ahead of the game. And all it took was the cancellation of the project I've been devoting the past 5 months to. There is a lesson there; it probably shouldn't be "never try anything," but I'm having trouble finding anything else. Later Days.

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