Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It was always you that I despised. Heart warming music!

Here's something from the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack, called Room of Angel.

I like this song.  I think it's the way the singer sounds very bitter, but unable to devote the emotional energy necessary to raise the bitterness to anger.  A lot of the songs focusing on emotional bitterness tend to be an explosive, violent edge to them (Pink's You Make Me Sick, Offspring's She's Got Issues).  And that energy can be intoxicating.  But I think it's almost creepier when that anger fades away, and all that's left is this husk of resentment that you can't get rid of.  You don't hate the other person, because hate is too much effort, but the way you think about them is now entrenched in who you are, and you can't let it go without altering your own identity.

Okay, what's really creepy is the way the second person snuck into my description there.

Later Days.

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