Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Quotations: Gestating Slave-Wombs

"I came to this world 22 seasons ago in a breedmart warehouse in Chandalar's fleshmarket district.  My father was an automated seed sprinkler.  My mother, one of the thousands of frozen eggs harvested each month from female factory workers as part of their government-mandated body-taxes.  I gestated in a slave-womb, in the belly of an alien brought in chains from some conquered world or another, an alien whose body was not designed for birthing Shi'ar babies. So when I was born, it was in a rush of blood and alien death screams.  By the time I drew my first breath, I'd already claimed my first kill for the Imperium."  --Warbird, from Wolverine and the X-Men 13.  

Oh comics.  Never change. 

Later Days.

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