Monday, July 23, 2012

The Firefly Themed Wedding Just looks vaguely western, except for the groomsmen with blue gloves.

So here's a bunch of pictures of themed weddings.  Now, I could do the theory thing, and talk about the history of weddings, and perform a psychoanalytic evaluation of the respective bride and groom.  We could do a ritual analysis, ala Turner, about how the wedding was once a liminal space, but through the theme wedding it becomes something that's both integrated and not quite integrated into everyday life (assuming they're fans in their regular personas as well).  Or we could go the Henry Jenkins fan culture route, and talk about how the fans appropriate their fandoms and write their own versions of the romances.

But we're not doing that.

Here's a bunch of pictures of themed weddings.

Sure, the Han and Leia romance is classic wedding stuff...

But the secret romance of Admiral Akbar and Monmothma?  That's style.
Speaking of style, a Katamari Damacy theme?  Slow clap.

And if you do Star Wars, it's only fair to  do the other side as well.

Somebody needs to tell that superhero that the bride costume just doesn't work for fighting evil doers.

Dude, you can't marry your alternate reality gender-swapped fan-fic self!  You're only 13!  Play the field!

Well, that killed some time. See you on the flip side, guys and gals. Later Days.

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