Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Quotations: I think, by the rules of this idea, a charity is roughly the equivalent of the lady with a house full of cats, but you replace the cats with people

"It is pretty clear to anyone who’s paying attention that 1. a marketplace regime of firms dedicated to maximizing profit has—broadly speaking—added a lot of value to the world 2. there are a lot of important cases where corporate profit maximization causes harm to humans 3. corporations are—broadly speaking—really good at ensuring that their needs are met.
What if the private pursuit of profit was—for a long time—proximate to improving the lot of humans but not identical to it? What if capitalism has gone feral, and started making moves that are obviously insane, but also inevitable? " --Quiet Babylon.

This is part of a (slightly) larger argument that the Singularity--the production of sentient entities born of human creations that are self-sustaining but definitely not human--has happened, and it happened when people created corporations.  As a thought experiment, or a series of sci-fi/surrealist stories, I quite like that notion.  It reminds me of the Community episode where Subway is allowed to corporalize itself in human form in order to be a legal student of Greendale, and own a business in Greendale's cafeteria.  Fun!

Later Days.

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