Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's WHAT time?

Regular readers know my recent sleep schedule has been... well, problematic is the easy term, and non-existent is more accurate. I wake up today, and my alarm says 6:00. Well, given that I had been up for 30 straight hours earlier, that meant I was waking up pretty early, but, when you can't sleep, you can't sleep, right? So I get up, get dressed, etc. Then the person above me starts playing this loud, booming music. It's fairly annoying, and a lot more annoying at 6:00 am. Rolling my eyes, I boot up my computer.
That's when I figure out it's 6:00 PM. I have just slept for fifteen straight hours. So over the past three days, I have then slept, on average, my regular amount. So much for any work I intended to do today. By this rate, I'll be back to my regular scheduled sleeping by, oh, January or so.

Later Days. (Which I will probably sleep through as well.)

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