Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where do we go from here?

This post is going to be the last one for the purpose of the class course. I'd do some big retrospective, but I think that'll be covered pretty thoroughly by the blog essay we need to write up describing our blogging experience. (And I'll be posting that here, in a few days, in case anyone's interested. As if the average length of these entries isn't already long enough...)
The question for today is what happens to this blog afterward. In a lot of ways, I think that's the most interesting part of this study; out of the fifteen or so blogs created for the course, how will they change once the original imperative to create them ends? In most cases, I assume that the change will be the end of the blog itself, deleted, aborted, or otherwise cast adrift into the electronic void.
But not Experimental Progress! Nosireee, I have determined that I do indeed like the sound of my own voice, and as such, this blog will continue long past any sensible expiration date. Here's my bold, decisive vision for the future:
  • More delving into the minutae happenings of my life. What's the status of my toothbrush? Do I wear boxers or briefs? (No.) What did I have for breakfast? Tune in and find out.
  • Related to the boxer issue, I will also continue the exploration into--for lack of a better term--my inner self. If past entries are any sign, these explorations will blur the line between uncomfortable and insightful until the two are irrecoverably linked.
  • Reviews. I snuck the comic book review section into the blog, but the professors specifically warned us about turning the blogs into "what I'm reading" sort of affairs. While I understand their reasons for doing so, I think this dismisses a potential source of "writing the self." If we're going to go so far as to consider items such as a personal profile and the questions on a fill-out form as potential sites for personal definition, then certainly there's a lot be gained by the review process: what is reviewed, what connections are drawn, what cultural background is implied and articulated through the reviewing process. And all that is a very complicated way of saying that starting next week, I'm going to be talking more about video games, books, and TV shows.
  • Random thoughts. Did Pope deliberately write in such a manner as to be obscure as possible for future generations? Does the pineapple really count as a fruit if it's on a pizza? Are there any Disney Characters that could legitimately beat Bugs Bunny in a fight, or at least fight him to a draw? Mainstream Disney; keep the genie in the bottle.
  • I should clarify that last one. It means I'll be posting more random thoughtsn not "here are a bunch of random thoughts." I mean, they are random thoughts, but they're meant to indicate the quality of future random thoughts, not stand as random thoughts as their own. And not all random thoughts need be in the form of a question, although there is no set rule prohibiting that construction.
  • Future posts may contain more rambling.
And with that, I'll return to the question I had way back in the dawntime of this blog: Anything you, the reader, would like to see? Post comments as you see fit.

Later Days.

Oh, almost forgot, the last thing future blog posts will cover:
  • The reason I end every post with "Later Days." Yeah, now you gotta stick around, don't you?

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