Sunday, November 9, 2008


Four whole days since the last post. Since the blog's switch from "something I do for school" to "something I do to avoid school," I've clearly been slipping.
Anyway, on to the main topic. Four years ago, for reasons that deserve a post of their own, I started running on a regular basis as a form of exercise. And I think it's gotten to the point now where it's a part of my identity; even if I stop running for a week, or even a month (which, sadly, has been known to happen), I still think of myself as a runner. I don't really have a problem with that. Running seems like the sort of activity a person can be proud to claim.
Note that I don't refer to it as jogging. I'm not entirely sure why. It's a little bit pretentious, I know, but jogging seems like a hobby, something you do more to keep up appearances than because you like doing it. To me, running is a lot more than that. Yes, it keeps me in shape, and yes I do brag about it (in peak shape, I can do 10k in about 42 minutes. See? perfectly at peace with the bragging.), but the parts I really enjoy are the other things. It's a great way to let the mind just drift while the body does its own thing; running is about as close as I get to meditation, and I would argue that it's actually pretty close.
It's also a nice way to push one's own boundaries, and get to know your surroundings. I like to vary my route considerably. While it does mean getting lost a lot, I know the ins and outs of _______________ a lot better because of it, and when it comes to pushing limits, getting lost for an hour or two is a great way of learning that yes, I can run for an hour or two straight.
For me, running is also a solitary engagement. I've gone running with roommates and siblings in the past, but our paces are so different that it's kind of hard to work it so that everyone gets a good workout. I've thought about joining a running group, but part of what I like about running is doing it on my own time and at my own speed.
Last: with winter fast approaching, running takes on whole new dimensions. Usually, it's easiest just to give it up entirely for a month or two. I really want to keep it up this year, and I'm still too chicken to check out the U of _______ gym, so we'll see how it goes.
Today's run: 4 degrees Celsius. Spitting rain and mild wind. Not particularly pleasant; should have worn gloves. Good call on the bunny hug.


Kate said...

You should read "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running" for some similar thoughts about running. I'm a solitary runner too (or I am when my knee isn't wonky).

Person of Consequence said...

I'll check it out. Recently, I've started to incorporate I-Tunes and Books-on-Tape into the running, which again has totally changed the experience.