Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wait, what time is it?

I wasn't going to make any new posts between now and Wednesday, but something's come up that's proven so shaking to my overall sense of self that I felt that I needed a post to explain it. As many know, today is the day Daylight Savings time comes into effect, and clocks are moved... in some direction. Forwards, backwards, side-to-side, I'm not exactly sure. The point is, it lets farmers stay up late. Or something.
From this vague description, you can probably tell that this is not an area in which I am well-versed. That is because I spent the first few decades of my life in a province where we don't do this sort of thing. (We don't allow strip clubs either. I'm pretty sure it's for different reasons, though.) So even though I've been hearing lots of announcements of the "time to change the clock" sort of effect, it wasn't until I turned on the TV and was an hour early for my Sunday show that I realised "hey, this affects ME." And honestly, it has proven pretty shattering to some self-definitions. Prior to today, I was one of those smug westerners who didn't have to worry about silly things like daylights saving. And now... now I'm not sure what I am. I still feel not quite "Eastern" enough to identify myself with the current province of reference, but today has driven home (poor choice of words) that the old one will not suffice either. Sure, I can identify myself as Canadian, but then, as I understand the matter, I need to affiliate myself with beer commercials and their distorted, alienating view of masculinity. (Someone remind me to do that post one day. It'll be fun!)
So, to the ex-Flatlander province dwellers out there, howsabout sharing some stories concerning your approach to this crisis of self?

Later Days.


Rhetro Zenberg said...

My friend, Solon, likes to sneak into the homes of his family and friends after they have set their clocks back and turned in for the night. He then stealthily resets the clocks in the house to whatever strikes his fancy.

He hands out gravel on Halloween too.

One year he decorated his Xmas tree with socks who had lost their partners.

Person of Consequence said...

I knew that someone else had to be responsible for my alarm not being set to the proper hour.