Friday, June 12, 2009

I Prefer to Call Them "Damn, These Look Good on Me": Sask Trip Part

Part of the early problem with the blog was that it was taking too much time to decided on a topic. So, I'm pretty much going to milk the trip home for all it's worth. ALL it's worth. Enjoy.

The first notable activity on my first day back in Someplace Else (if you're ever picking oft-repeated pseudonyms, btw, be sure to pick something shorter) was a shopping expedition. I needed a much delayed birthday present for my middle brother (born in February, so, yeah, late), a gift for the wedding (the purpose of the trip), and some new clothes. My little brother was acting as chauffeur and fashion consultant, since the family decided years ago that I cannot be trusted with anything resembling a fashion sense. I, on the other hand, maintain that black socks and shorts are a perfectly legitimate wardrobe choice.

Anyway, I picked up a pair of shorts, two pairs of pants, two t-shirts, a button-up shirt, and... well, therein lies the problem. They're a pair of shorts. Sort of. They're shorts that go past the knees, to about half way past the ankles--but stop well before they reach the ankles. And they tie off at the ends.

Yes, all right, they're capris.

And judging by the mocking I received in grad class on Wednesday, (mid 20s males can be so cruel), given that they were my brother's idea, I'm not the only member of my family with questionable fashion judgment.

Being English students, of course, the mocking consisted of what the proper label for such apparel was. Manpris? Clam diggers? Man-diggers? Hepris?

And, though I am clearly on the defensive, and can no longer speak objectionably, I still want to say: Really? Is that where we're at? I am, arguably, in one of the most liberal, open-minded places in the country (or at least as close as you can get to it inside an institutional setting), and we're still hung up on gender designations and clothing? I'm dwelling way more on this than anyone in the room did; a few comments, and no one cares. But still.


Okay, that takes us 1/3 of the way through the shopping trip, and 1 and one-twelfth seventh through the entire trip. Stay tuned tomorrow, when the subject shifts to the exciting topic of corning ware.

Later Days.


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Taking fashion advice from someone who wore a spiderman costume designed for a 12 year old? T'was your own fault...

Anonymous said...

James, if the above comment was you, ima hit you. Anywho, I asked you POC, to show me the shorts and you said they were fine. They only look goofy on your because YOUR SHORT. Go get em hemmed. Any who, love ya, your older demographic says hi. sincerely BOC